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Matchpale Records
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001 Leslie Can't Love     Negative Space EP    CASS   5$  ___
005 manray19              Shady Hinting Shady  CD-R  10$  ___
006 Every Last Windmill   Shall Fall           CD-R   8$  ___
007 West Of Wakefield     Connect The Dots EP  CD     6$  ___
008 Flashing Red Airplane My Life As A Frog    CD    10$  ___
BOX manray19              4-CD Box Set         CD-Rs 25$  ___
Print out this page or write us a letter. Then
send check, money order, or Cash (well hidden) to:
  Kent Randell
  c/o Computer Support Services
  595 Commonwealth Ave
  Boston, MA 02215

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