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yellows and blues.

issue number one-and-a-half circa july nineteen-ninety seven

Leslie Can't Love,Negative Space
  If only more bands were this fun.  Leslie Can't Love cites a blender,         
a slinky, and an accordian as their list of instruments, and their music        
is probably best described as experimental anti-pop.  Artsy and noisy,          
Leslie Can't Love swings from dark and mudddy,  Starflyer-ish guitar            
riffs to soaring, dreamy female vocals to half-sung/half-shouted male           
vocals and back again.  Throw in some samples and a delightfully                
artistic J-card for the cassette, and you've got the Negative Space EP.         
My only complaint about this nine-song cassette is that the poor                
recording quality leaves it sounding hollow and tinny.                          

yellows & blues. Jessica Glockley. CPO 1062 Wheaton College. Wheaton, Il. 18049