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Matchpale Records


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Here is a listing of releases in chronological order:

Matchpale Records... A chronological history


Leslie Can't Love


Negative Space EP Cassette 1996

manRay 19

Bud Ox

Bud Ox EP 7-inch 1997


Great Lakes, Great Times

Great Lakes, Great Times Full Length Cassette 1998



See You On The Ground Full Length CD 1999

manRay 19


Shady Hinting Shady Full Length CD 2000

Kent Randell Reggae Sexplosion

Kent and cat

(Sorry...Proper picture of release is not available at this time.)

Every Last Windmill Shall Fall ~Full Length CD 2000

West Of Wakefield

West of Wakfield

Connecting the Dots ~EP CD 2000/2001

Flashing Red Airplane

Flashing Red Airplane

My Life As A Frog ~Full Length CD 2001

It was very painstaking to scan all of these releases since most of the artwork was not stored on any format except the hard copies on the actual releases.