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Matchpale history:
After living in this nation's 7th largest metropolitan area for a little while, I look back at this picture and pick out a couple of telling points of contrast:
- Look at all the parking
- Look at all the porches
- Look at all the pickup trucks
- Look at the dog
- Look at the sand in the gutters (left over from the winter)
- Look at the row houses (remnants from the mining days)
- Lake Superior is at the end of this street
- The Catholic Church stands proud, even tho' one never stops to notice it

   I guess that's pretty much Matchpale. Started in Marquette, MI in 1996. Marquette is located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (note to fellow yoopers: if you say U.P. in the city don't expect anybody to know what you are talking about).

   With West Of Wakefield, Matchpale released its first national release, after failing to do so with manray19 (though manray's 7"'s and cassette tapes did all sell out). The future and the move to the city will tell if music stays a hobby or becomes a full-time gig but you know what... both alternatives are just fine with us.

- Kent Randell