manray19. See You On The Ground

      *Like A Friendly Handshake
1. Funny at first but runs too long
      Dangling Particple
2. Love it, but vocals aren't even throughout the song. Harmony parts are strong, but when it is just one voice, bring level up.
      *A lo-fi guitar track would make an excellent
3. Cool stereo effect!
      Side Saddle
4. I've never been a fan of distorted vocals (except in Ministry songs). Otherwise a great song!!
      The Land Effect
5. Switch at 3:19 is a bit off-setting. Is it supposed to be that way? Songs about history are cool.
      See You On The Ground
6. Drums are rather loud..hard to tell what is going on with the cool part JD is playing. The vocals became lost half-way through.
      *I'm In The Mood For Love
7. Bring on the lawsuits.
      Justin's Song #4
8. What's he yelling? That must be the quietest scream. If you change the song name to "The Quietest Scream" you must pay me. Otherwise it is quite rocking.
      Concussion #14
9. A little Yes influence? Listen to Yes's "Heart of the Sunrise" or "Close to the Edge". Quite nice, though! You guys have gotten really tight. Is that an oscilloscope or a theremin?
10. Still don't know what glossalalia is.
The Almighty Song 11. Smoke…on the water…! Nice wheedelas in there! Ooh! A backward Butthole Surfers-esque solo! Tell Evan he is a clutz (he dropped the sticks)!
      Thin Like Water
12. Panning the vocals is fun, but what's with the distortion again? Me like the guitar effects during the 2:30 part of the song. I'll just assume I'm not supposed to understand the words at the 4 minute section. Cool thumpy end. How'd you do it? I have a program on my PC that can do something similar. It sounds like you're hearing a noise band from the outside of a club.
      You Look Pretty In A Dress
13. I really like this song..bring the vocals at the beginning UP UP UP!!!!! A fade out? Strange. Rather long fade out, but it works for the chord progression.
      *Water Dripping From A Back Alley Appendix Abortion
14. Sounds like you guys had fun. It takes away from the mood set at the end of track 13, though.

Most of this is technical stuff. Did you want in-depth track analysis? I'll have to look at the lyrics and work on it more.

I whole-heartedly enjoyed this CD of yours. Things are really coming together. You could become well respected, but only to a limited scene. Just from knowing you guys, I can't see why you'd want more than that. Good luck. Your shit keeps improving. You've got the "hit songs" from the 45 and the cassette, now you can round out the album with some of these tracks. Y'know what I mean?

Thank you for the music, manRay19.

Mister Invisible

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