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the Lakeside Project
The Lakeside Project is matchpale co-founder Kent Randell's band that he joined in Boston with RD Mauzy of San Diego and Stpehen Bonner of Wakefield, Mass. Though Lakeside has an instrumental emphasis, sometimes RD or Kent lend their vocal instruments. Look for the Animal Logic EP, featuring songs performed in the Summer of '01 with the lineup of RD, Stephen, Kent, Thomas Prindle, Alan Esser, and Dustin Thomas.
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Flashing Red Airplane
Flashing Red Airplane is the solo project of Jennifer Wilke and features many guest appearences, both live and on record. Although her full-length CD is already produced and ready to go, promotion of it has been put off until Jen relocates to Boston and gets a break from her stint as moogist in west Of Wakefield.
CMJ Chart peak: 132
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manray19 is Matchpale's most prolific band, releasing a 7", full-length cassette, a demo-CD, and a largely unavailable full-length CD. Started in 1996 out of the remains of Chub as a band with 2 bass players pursuant of an aggressive bottom end, they were all pretty surprised to find that they had a nice-size audience in the small town of Marquette, which propelled manray to write even better songs and go on the road. The fanbase, sound, and personalities changed over 4 years but nobody can say the trip wasn't well worth the costs. Frustrated with the inability of manray to go from a 'local' band to a 'national' band despite a great live presence and positve critical reviews, the tension eventually outweighed the joy of playing and manray disbanded. Now Kent lives in Boston and the rest of the guys have an excellent percussion feature band called Säh. All members left on very amicable terms as all members played on Kent's solo CD and Kent recorded Säh's introductory EP.
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Every Last Windmill Shall Fall
In the interim between the dissolution of manray and moving out east, Kent had alot of time and lots of musical (and emotional) ideas to purge through - thus the over-ambitious and incongruent full-length solo CD Every Last Windmill Shall Fall was born. Featuring guest appearances from half the city, this tribute to hermitage and quirkiness will inevitably remain a nice secret shared among friends. The CD comes with an equally overly-ambitious and quirky website.
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Leslie Can't Love
The recording project that started the whole Matchpale thing, this 8 song cassette tape was the result of the songwriting colloboration of Kent Randell and Jennifer Wilke, upon having met very ecstatically in August of 1996. Although Leslie Can't Love never got off the ground live, it was still alot of fun to make and during the summer of 1996 every time you turned on Radio X you heard "Lawn Party Murder (along with Dunkin's "Robot Party"). The lacking thing about this project was the vocal disparities of Kent and Jen, and now each have their own solo projects.
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West Of Wakefield
West of Wakefield is an "emo" band not-too-inconspicuously-inspired by bands like The Get Up Kids. Their 5 song EP released in conjunction with Mr. Tie Man records is great and got radio-play in the continental United States and Alaska. Their current status remains a secret.
CMJ Chart peak: 142
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